Our vision for Bronte

Download the Save Bronte Objectives here

Save Bronte is not anti-development. We recognise that the RSL site must be re-developed. It is a derelict site.

A complying development would allow a 4 storey building with shops at the bottom.

We want Minister Goward to keep the Liberal/National parties’ promises to the people of NSW and allow our community, together with our council (Waverley Council), to set the vision and rules for development in our local area. We want the Minister to stop her department changing our local planning laws for a developer. 

The current proposal (DA 72/2013) is an inappropriate development for the site. It is too big and does not fit with the character of the Neighbourhood Centre which is small scale shops in a predominately 1 to 2 storey streetscape. It will create too much traffic on our streets including Macpherson, Arden, and St Thomas Streets. It will increase the safety risk to children attending the Clovelly Public School and the Bronte Child Care Centre.

What we would like to see is an appropriate development. In short we would like to see “Local Shops for Local People“.

In response to the need for re-development at the Bronte RSL site, we have developed the Save Bronte Objectives. These objectives are a set of principles that we think should govern any development at the RSL site.

Download them and have a read. If you agree with them, please sign our petition and endorse the objectives. The petition can be downloaded here.

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