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Who is Save Bronte?

Save Bronte is a group of local residents from all over the suburb. We are apolitical.  We come from all age groups, different socio-economic backgrounds, and have wide ranging political views.  Some are long term and some are short term locals. There is a committee which meets to plan how we can protect Bronte’s future. There are many more volunteers who letterbox drop, donate their expertise in areas such as the law, planning and communications and help out in other ways. Our many supporters offer ideas and information that helps us to be an effective community action group campaigning to take back control of our suburb’s future. We always welcome any fresh ideas for action. If you’d like to help or if you have information you think would be useful in our campaign please email us savebronte.

Save Bronte interim Executive Committee: David Brewster (treasurer), Stephen Lightfoot (co-convenor), Roger Rajaratnam (SB architect),  Sharon Sanders (volunteers), Keri Spooner (co-convenor).

Save Bronte Volunteers: Countless locals who are giving up their spare time and using their skills and expertise to help stop the overdevelopment of the Bronte RSL site. (if you’d like your name listed here email us at savebronte):
James Birch, Older&Wiser Consulting (webmaster)
Shannon Rooney (Clovelly Public School liaison)

For more details about the campaign, if you’d like to help or if you wish to provide any suggestions please email us at: savebronte

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