Here you will find a range of information you can download that will help you suport our campaign and keep you informed of progress.

Click on a link  below to download a document

Bronte RSL Club Ltd media release 2015-03-16 – The Club welcomes the Department’s decision to dismiss the WLB planning proposal and calls for a complying development

Save Bronte letter to Premier Mike Baird 2015-03-02 – asking that Liberal government local planning policy be enacted at the Bronte RSL site by allowing our local council to control local planning in our neighbourhood.

Save Bronte letter to Minister Goward 2015-02-17 – asking the Minister to follow the expert planning advice to dismiss the proposed developer-written LEP amendments.

Waverley Council planners’ recommendation to refuse WLB planning proposal – Planners say WLB planning proposal has no strategic merit and should be refused.

Waverley Council planners’ full report on WLB planning proposal – Planners say WLB planning proposal has no strategic merit and should be refused.

The Right Vision for Bronte, 3rd Edition October 2014 – Save Bronte’s report on the Bronte RSL saga. Contains key background information and an examination of Liberal government local planning policy.

Pro-forma objection letter for community consultation on WLB planning proposal – Say no to the Rezone. Email this letter to Waverley Council and copy us in.

Petition against developer WLB’s planning proposal – Say no to the Rezone. Download, fill with signatures and addresses and email it back to us.

Letter from Mayor Sally Betts to Acting Secretary McNally Dept of Planning 2014-07-21 – again asking the Dept of Planning to stop the developer’s planning proposal at the Gateway and raising the Dept’s bias, ineptitude and ‘unacceptable behaviour’.

Letter from Mayor Sally Betts to Minister Goward 2014-07-02 – asking Minister Goward to stop the WLB planning proposal at the Gateway and gazette the Waverley Council LEP amendments.

Summary of Director-General Haddad meeting 2014-04-10 – the ‘minutes’ of a meeting with former Director General of the Department of Planning, Mr Sam Haddad. The meeting involved the Member for Coogee Mr Bruce Notley-Smith MP, Waverley Mayor Sally Betts and representatives of Save Bronte

NSW Department of Education writes to Dept of Planning 2014-03-03 – the Dept of Education raises its concerns about the potential significant adverse traffic impacts and safety impacts around the Clovelly Public School

Form letter for Minister Hazzard 2014 – Keep your promises Minister. Stop the developer’s proposal at the Gateway

The Story So Far March 2014 – A brief summary of the continuing Bronte RSL saga

The Right Vision for Bronte – A community participates – the Save Bronte report prepared for the Minister for Planning and Infrastructure

Planning Assessment Commission Cover letter 2014-01-30 – cover letter to the betrayal of Bronte

Planning Assessment Commission Advice to Minister 2014-01-30 – the advice that patronises our community and ignores Waverley Council

Save Bronte Response to Dept of Planning – 2014-01-14 Unravelling the spin of the DoPI response to the Channel 7 news story on the Bronte RSL site

Letter from Save Bronte to Minister Hazzard 2013-12-22 – requesting dismissal of WLB pre-gateway review request and rescission of biased DoPI assessment report

Letter from Save Bronte to PAC 2013-12-23 – requesting the right to appear at the Jan 22nd PAC hearing and dismissal of the WLB pre-gateway review request

Errors, omissions and bias 2013-12-23  – Save Bronte analysis of the biased DoPI assessment report of the WLB planning proposal

Department of Planning biased assessment report 2013-11-21 – prepared for the PAC by the DoPI

Local Resident Simon Lewis writes about the extent to which the planning system stinks and is stacked against residents in favour of developers.

Speech to NSW Parliament by Mr Bruce Notley-Smith MP 2013-08-15 – updates House on Save Bronte campaign.

The WLB planning appeal documents Aug 2013

JRPP meeting minutes – 25 July 2013. DA-Day

JRPP statement prepared by Mr Bruce Notley-Smith, Member for Coogee – statement against DA 72-2013 prepared for the JRPP meeting by our local member of Parliament

Speech to Council 2013-07-16 re Council planning proposal and R3 zoning at the Bronte RSL site

Speech to Council 2 2013-07-16 – re WLB planning proposal to increase height limit to 20m and double floor space area allowed at the Bronte RSL site

Email to supporters 2013-07-11 – re JRPP meeting 25/7/13 and Council meeting 16/7/13

Mr Bruce Notley-Smith MP Member for Coogee – Objection to DA 72/2013

Community meeting 2013-04-04 – this is a pdf version of the presentations given at the community meeting: all you need to know about the RSL DA (DA 72-2013). Warning – this is a large 15 MB file.

Address list – hyperlinked pdf with all the addresses you need to write to (email and snail mail)

Clovelly Public School P&C objection to the DA – read about why the P&C thinks DA72/2013 is bad for Clovelly students and their families

The rescission motion & the RSL DA – explanation about what went down at council Mar 9.

The Real Facts – Our response to the Council’s ‘Fact Sheet’ about their recent draft LEP amendments

Submission to Waverley Council re new planning controls at Bronte RSL site 2013-02-19

Speech to Council re our petition 2013-02-19

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