Amended 2016 DA plans

Objection to the new amended plans for the 2016 Bronte RSL DA

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Mr Mitchell Reid,
Manager, Building Waverley
Waverley Council
PO Box 9, Bondi Junction NSW 1355

July 2017

Dear Mr Reid

Objection to amended plans for Bronte RSL DA 571/2016

The process for the proposed redevelopment of this site has become a protracted mess. The process is being confused by multiple Section 96 applications for the 2015 DA and now multiple plans for the 2016 DA. The developer should stick to the approved 2015 DA and get the building completed as soon as possible.

1) I object to the amended 2016 DA plans for all the reasons I outlined in my objection to the 2016 DA (DA571/2016) and the Section 96 application (DA‐264/2015/B)
2) the new amended drawings are inconsistent with the WLEP, WDCP and B1 zoning of the site. By not complying with these planning instruments the proposed building will have negative impacts on our community and neighbourhood.
3) there must be no increase in height to the approved 2015 DA as the 13 m height limit has already been breached and further increase will:
a) have negative impacts on the solar access and privacy rights of neighbouring properites
b) have negative impacts on the predominately low rise Macpherson St streetscape
4) there must be no increase in the FSR as this will lead to a breach of the WLEP leading to:
a) negative impacts on surrounding residences
b) negative impacts on the neighbourhood centre from overdevelopment of the site including traffic chaos on Macpherson St.
5) there must be no commercial space on Chesterfield Lane as is contrary to the objectives of the B1 zoning and this will negatively impact on:
a) the safety of the Clovelly Public School community (children and families)
b) the neighbouring residences
6) the 2015 DA (DA264/2015) and its controls must be respected and the site redeveloped in accordance with that DA approval.

7) the loading dock’s clearance must not be increased. The loading dock is for garbage trucks only and should not be changed to fit other vehicles.

The rules and controls for the Bronte RSL site have been properly determined through extensive strategic planning processes. These rules and controls must be respected by the developer and by the L&E Court. If this non-complying DA is granted consent it will make a mockery of the planning process in NSW and leave the community little faith in those governing the system.